Part Studio Web Development / Design Team

We value our team as a whole and as individuals. We are proud of their talent, knowledge, professionalism, and personal qualities. Our designers, programmers, strategists, art directors and project managers utilize their artistic genius and technological expertise to realize your goals.

Our management team has a tremendous level of experience in Marketing, Branding, Design and Development and has gathered a team of highly qualified and dedicated employees that do their utmost to serve you.

Our team is prepared to supply your project with resources that suit your unique needs for graphic design, programming, web design, research, analysis, information architecture, user-friendly interface, evaluation, and systems development.

In addition to our full-time personnel, Part Studio takes advantage of a vast network of talented independent professionals who contribute photography, illustration, audio, editorial and more as needed to bring the highest level of quality to your project.

Ali Arshadi - Manager, Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Flash and Multimedia Designer (Since 1998)

Let us help you make the right moves on the Internet.

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